Capture Your Grief: Day 7 – Memory

  Capture Your Grief Project

Although Isobel’s life was tragically short, we had many special experiences and made amazing memories in her 39 weeks with us. Simon and I got married, spent a blissful month in Thailand, went to see Arsenal win over Everton, I presented at a conference in Belgium, we went to fancy dress parties, I ran a 10k race and lots more. Some of the my favourite memories however, were just evenings spent lying on the sofa with Simon. I would unleash my belly and we would watch it ripple as we watched TV. As mesmerised and fascinated by the life inside me as we were by the antics of Don Draper in Mad Men (which we watched all seven seasons of while I was pregnant!). 
This picture was taken at 28 weeks. We had a night away in the hotel where we got married. The hotel staff were all excited about the baby and gave Simon champagne and both of us free desserts. We ate a lot and then just lay on the incredible four poster bed and talked about the baby, our wee family and all the things we would do with the baby. We were so content with our lives, everything seemed so perfect. I hope Isobel somehow felt just how wanted and loved she was. 
These memories are so bittersweet. Happy and painful all at once. They are memories of another life. Memories of a different person. I don’t know who I am anymore, but I know I am not the person in the picture. 


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