Capture Your Grief: Day 11 – Glow in the Woods

  Capture Your Grief Project

This prompt is about sharing some resources that have helped us navigate through the darkness of this time.
Initially the SANDS information booklets provided all the practical information that was so sadly lacking in the hospital: We have also attended the monthly SANDS parent groups. These have been so helpful in being able to talk with other parents at various stags of their loss, share experiences, advice and gain a little hope that we can survive this. Find your nearest group: 

I’ve personally found forums a little overwhelming and found they were making me even more upset but I do like the Stillbirthday closed Facebook group. It’s lovely to have some relevant posts on my FB newsfeed to break up the pictures of my friends living babies! The Stillbirthday website also has a lot of information and articles about saying a meaningful farewell to your baby: 

It goes without saying that I love Carly Marie and Project Heal. Both the Prayer flag project for the Day of Hope and Capture Your Grief have been really valuable outlets for my outpouring of emotion after losing Isobel. I love the emphasis on actively making meaning rather than being a passive participant in the grieving process: 

I’ve also read a lot of personal blogs as well as writing my own. This lady writes my thoughts before I’ve even realised I have them and in a much more articulate and beautiful way than I could ever manage: 

Of course my main ‘Glow in the Woods’ is my husband who has been holding my hand all the way through and stumbling around with me in the darkness 💕


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