Capture Your Grief: Day 28 – Reach Out

Capture Your Grief Project 

Today I saw an opportunity to be interviewed for a local NI magazine article about stillbirth. Although there were things I was passionate about before Isobel was stillborn, I would never have put myself or my opinions in the public eye. However Simon and I both now feel strongly motivated to raise awareness of stillbirth, Isobel has given us a new passion that we are willing to shout about. So I reached out; I contacted the journalist and shared some of my blog with her and it seems like the magazine article might actually happen! Simon and I both come from a different perspective on the topic of stillbirth. Simon is much more interested in the medical aspects of research and prevention, I am more interested in the psychological experience, available support, and healing process. So I think we are a good combination to contribute to the article. Whether it happens or not remains to be seen but the idea of speaking about our experience in the hopes of helping people to understand and subsequently helping others in the same position feels very hopeful for us and fitting with today’s prompt of reaching out. 

The picture today is one from the Fantastic Earth Instagram page that a friend tagged me in this morning, knowing our Isobel and Elephant association. I love it so much and made it my phone screensaver. Thank you Susanne for reaching out to me today. 


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