Four Weeks On and a Big Thank You

I really want to say thank you sincerely to everyone who commented on my last demented post! I didn’t get a chance to reply to the comments but I read them all at the time and was so appreciative of all the empathy and support. I also read them a number of further times when things were challenging again and I imagine I will continue to do so!

I’m so glad to say that things are approximately one million times better now than when I wrote that post. The hormonal onslaught has settled and physically my recovery from the section has been much easier than I anticipated. I feel so much more confident with Theo, changing nappies and dressing him has become second nature. I’ve survived two weeks of Simon being back at work and doing all the night time feeds on my own. Most days I manage to get dressed even if I might stink a bit! I’ve been getting out more, I’ve been for walks, meals out and even to the shopping centre. The feeding situation is still a whole palaver although I’m more relaxed about it generally. I’m currently being a total desperate weirdo and formula feeding Theo through a ‘boob tube’ to try and increase my milk supply (not me in the pic by the way!). 

My quite unsupportive midwife in week one told me I was “flogging a dead horse” trying to breastfeed, well lady, I’m still flogging it and it remains to be seen whether it’s dead or not! At least Theo is getting some breast milk still and we get the closeness of breastfeeding. I’m hopeful that I can reduce the formula at some point and have some feeds just my milk but we’ll see! I’m happy to know that I’m trying my very best anyway, what more can one do?

Emotionally, about 90% of the time I feel positive and like I’m coping. The other 10% of the time I do feel overwhelmed and worry that I’m not being a good enough mummy to Theo. Or I get caught up with thoughts about Isobel and feeling sad that she is not here too. I know that had Isobel lived it’s very unlikely that we would have Theo but it doesn’t stop me from wanting them both. This little brother should have his big sister here. Next week we should be celebrating a birthday not remembering an anniversary. 

Other times when thinking of Isobel and last year, I start to imagine Theo dying. I picture that phone call to tell people he has died. I see his funeral in my mind. It’s horrible. Sometimes when he sleeps he is so still and with his mouth open can look dead (to me, having seen a dead baby – probably to others he looks perfectly peaceful). I have to give him a wee poke at these times just to check. The thought of something happening to him is unbearable. Although I know from non loss mothers that they have similar thoughts and worries at times too so it’s not completely beyond the realm of normal experience. 

That’s all for today. I will hopefully get writing some more next week for Isobel’s birthday as I’m sure I’ll be an emotional wreck and will need the outlet! For now, Theo is currently sleeping on my chest and the weight and warmth of him feels like heaven. 


3 thoughts on “Four Weeks On and a Big Thank You

  1. Hey Hun! Good for you…for flogging that dead horse lol…you’re doing your best and that’s all a mom can do! We do what seems crazy when really it’s just doing what is best. And who knows, maybe things will turn around. Are you also pumping to increase milk? Maybe you don’t need to considering Theo is nursing and it’s the best way. Go MAMA!

    Also re: your comment about thinking about Isobel – I had a lot of those thoughts too. And I had times where Owen looked peaceful but also ….dead. Because we’ve seen what that looks like. And those images are seared into our minds. And Aida & Owen look so much aline as babies you’d think Aida’s photos were of him. It wasn’t always easy. There are also times, because Aida was alive for five days, where certain poses remind me of a time when I was with Aida and I’d burst into tears. It gets easier – I promise. And eventually you won’t be as paranoid as now – It changed for me. I feel like a normal mom now.

    Enjoy every moment! Your baby is beautiful!! Both of them. They looks like siblings so much!

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  2. I’m so glad you’re feeling more positive and Theo is blossoming. If you’re feeling like it’s all ok most of the time that’s amazing – most new mum’s I know, myself included, felt quite mad for about 6 months and that was pre loss, so you’re doing brilliantly. As for breast feeding, for me it was a struggle – and it really was a huge struggle – I kept going til 16 months. Looking back I wish I’d been more relaxed about it, breast feeding is wonderful but a bit of formula and mixed feeding really is just fine too. You just do whatever feels right and if that’s not breastfeeding then that’s fine too. Too many people are a bit too ‘judgey’ about feeding in my view. I’ll be thinking of Isobel and your family next week. Xxx

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  3. Thank you for the update on you and your adorable Theo. I’m glad things are so much better than they were before. I too will be thinking of you and your family as you reach the anniversary of your precious Isobel next week.

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