Capture Your Grief: Day 8 – Beautiful Mystery

Isobel was a beautiful mystery from the moment she was conceived against all the odds, six months after we had been told that natural conception would be impossible. This determined little embryo then managed to survive a month long honeymoon where I didn’t know she existed, and did lots of crazy things like riding on elephants and jumping off cliffs!
This makes me think that Isobel would have been an real adventurer and a little adrenaline junkie! I think at 15 months she would already be running wild, and climbing on everything with no fear. I imagine her as an extremely wilful child, full of mischief and a glint in her eye – exhausting, but so much fun. I think despite having a mother determined to put her in frills and glitter, Isobel would have been a little tom boy; she would have been daddy’s girl and loved football and Arsenal like he does. I think she would have loved music like her mum and dad too and had a ball at Glastonbury where we were so excited to take her. I saw this picture somewhere of a little blonde girl in Hunter wellies and it made me cry because it was exactly how I pictured her as an older child at Glasto and exploring the world. I don’t know why I saved the picture at the time, but it’s perfect for today. 


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