Capture Your Grief: Day 10 – Symbols and Signs

Our symbol for Isobel is an elephant, I explained how this came to be in my post on the topic last year. I love that elephants remind not just us, but others, of Isobel.

I don’t believe that Isobel sends me signs. I don’t believe that she is anywhere in any kind of conscious form. I can understand how someone’s desire to keep their relationship with their baby ongoing in the present, can allow them to believe they are being communicated with. For me though, there a just a million problems with any idea of an afterlife, especially one where our loved ones sit around watching us and waiting for the opportunity to ambiguously float a feather in our direction. 

I don’t feel that I need signs from Isobel. I am not concerned about her wellbeing. I accept that she is just gone. Gone aside from in memory, and in those things done in her name – raising awareness, raising money, improving maternity services, developing therapeutic services for bereaved parents. There are so many ways to create meaning, I have no need of signs. 


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