Capture Your Grief: Day 11 – Creative Heartwork

This prompt is about things that you have done or made to memorialise your child, artwork or tattoos or a garden. I’m not a very artistic person, I’m too scared to get a tattoo and I prefer the sofa to the garden but there is something I’m working on which I think will be a lovely tribute to Isobel. 
Last year, I read about various therapeutic retreats across the world, mostly for mothers who had lost a baby for example the return to zero retreats and landons legacy retreats. I thought the opportunity to come together with other bereaved parents and learn about healing both from professionals and from each other would be such a nurturing and helpful experience. Unfortunately there were none of these retreats in Northern Ireland so in discussion with my husband we decided to try and set up our own, and Still Parents was born! We decided to focus on couples and the parental relationship after the loss of a child so the retreat will be for both parents to attend. 

We now have almost everything in motion to hold our first retreat in Spring 2017. It’s going to be held in the most beautiful Georgian house on a secluded estate in rural Fermanagh which hosts an award winning spa and a gym. We have Clinical Psychologists talking about trauma, dealing with painful thoughts and feelings using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), how men and women can grieve differently and how couples can improve communication after a loss. We also have some restorative yoga for the mothers focused on reconnecting with your body while the fathers/partners will be doing some work on healthy coping strategies with a sports psychologist. Add some yummy food and chill out time in a beautiful location to the mix and I think it sounds like an amazing weekend!!! We are just working on funding to make it accessible to all but hope to publish details and start taking bookings very soon. 

If anyone is interested and would like more information, please feel free to email 


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