Capture Your Grief: Day 19 – Grief Rituals

There are the every day rituals like putting on my ‘Isobel’ bracelet, saying hello to her picture, mentioning her to Theo or putting four kisses on any cards I write. Then there are those at significant times which are still developing, such as lighting a candle on special dates, writing her name on a beach, fundraising for Tommy’s, donating a present to charity at Christmas, purchasing a new elephant decoration for our Christmas tree and having a little celebration of life on 26th June, Isobel’s birthday complete with a Caterpillar cake! I’m sure these will evolve as time goes on. I don’t know if I will want to think of these as grief rituals in years to come. I just want Isobel to be part of everyday life and part of our family, a reminder to be generous, to do something to help others, to life life to the full, to love and appreciate each other, and to eat cake! 


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