Capture Your Grief: Day 20 – Gratitude

As horrible as it sounds I’m grateful that I’m not the only person whose baby died. I’m thankful that there is a baby loss community, filled with inspiring parents who grieve and love yet create meaning and live. I’m relieved that times have moved on and people are able to speak about baby loss. I’m glad I live in the age of the internet where this baby loss community is instantly accessible – a message on a FB group on a bad day will get empathic and comforting replies in a matter of minutes; a Capture Your Grief project where I can read hundreds of stories of people living after loss; a wave of light hashtag with 42,000 pictures this year. I have never had to feel alone in my distress, in my missing of Isobel – those other 41,999 people are missing their children too. And here we all are, supporting each other, carrying on, living this life that we never would have chosen and trying to make the very best of it that we can. I think that’s amazing. If you’re reading this, I think you’re awesome. 


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