Capture Your Grief: Day 22 – Pearls of Wisdom

Someone posted Invictus during Capture Your Grief last year and I really fell in love with it. Yes it’s a little cheesy (sorry William Ernest Henley) but I love the language it uses and how powerful the words are. I have it saved as a bookmark on my safari and I read it frequently – in a very dramatic inner voice of course! 
It reminds me that though I cannot choose what happens to me in my life, I can always choose how I respond to it and move forward. I do feel proud of how I have dealt with losing Isobel and how I have faced the most difficult of things with bravery and determination. Not to say I haven’t been a pathetic mess many many times too, but I know I am stronger than I could have imagined I would be. To be the captain of our own soul, what more could anyone want? 


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