Oh Life

Firstly I must tell you that I shared a version of my last post on Facebook and got lots of lovely comments which helped me a little. 

But then life decided to fuck me over again with its perverse sense of humour. My oldest friend and one of my best friends is in labour this weekend and will most likely have her baby on Isobel’s birthday. Her due date was 12th July and it’s her first baby so it literally never occurred to me that this could happen! But at a review on Friday they weren’t happy with her blood pressure so they decided to induce her on Saturday and of course the induction hasn’t progressed. We haven’t heard from her since about 7pm when they were going to break her waters. It’s 22:23 now so the chances are she will have her baby on the 26th June. 

I’m finding this so hard, actually impossible, to cope with. I know in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter. But I have so little of Isobel, so little that is hers. Can’t I just have one day that is only hers? From now on it will be Helen’s baby’s birthday and we will have years of birthday parties around or even on Isobel’s birthday. Please let it be a boy for a small mercy!!!! 

Oh life, you crack me up! 


4 thoughts on “Oh Life

  1. Last year when I told my best friend that I was pregnant with J she told me that she was pregnant too. She’d been scared to tell me as not only was she pregnant but the baby was due on Lentil’s first birthday. Then she discovered she was having twins! I love her so much but I was terrified that I’d lose J and she’d have two babies on Lentil’s birthday. Thankfully they were delivered early so don’t share their birthday with Lentil. I do wish that Juniper’s birthday wasn’t the day before Lentil’s though. It makes it quite a rollercoaster of a week! I hope everything goes well for your friend, hoping the baby arrives just before midnight.
    Sending lots of love to you for tomorrow xx

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